Welcome Home to

the San Francisco Peninsula!

For 37 years Ed Stephens has been working closely with clients who are relocating to the San Francisco Peninsula from other parts of the country and throughout the world.  Ed Stephens fully understands the challenges confronting clients who are moving to a new area, and offers his  experience and skill in making this move easier. He knows that clients are leaving homes they love, friends, and often family, doctors and other providers they have come to trust. In making clients feel welcome in their new home, Ed Stephens leaves nothing to chance. Ed Stephens has been a resident of the San Francisco Peninsula for over 37 years, and truly feels that this is the best place in the world to live.

Offered By Ed Stephens

Relocation Services

Area Orientation

Ed Stephens begins his relocation orientation by taking every relocation client on a thorough tour of the many neighborhoods and towns on the San Francisco Peninsula. His tours  include a full orientation on Schools, medical care, churches, shopping, Dining, recreation, culture, fitness, transportation, points of interest, and all the other features and amenities  that are so important to those who are relocating.  His website, includes everything one could want to know about the San Francisco Peninsula, and is an enormously helpful guide for those who are considering or going through a relocation.

Locating the best temporary housing

Ed Stephens is familiar with all the facilities offering temporary housing, from  luxury, and extended stay hotels, high end condos and apartments,  economy suites, and single family homes. For those who prefer to rent before they buy, Ed Stephens is totally knowledgeable with every rental market.

From 37 years of experience in the Peninsula real estate market, Ed Stephens can provide extensive market reviews of areas of client’s interest, including a history of comparable sales, and market trends. He knows the attributes and nuances of every neighborhood within his area of expertise.
If clients decide that the wish to review other areas outside the San Francisco Peninsula, Ed Stephens has a network of seasoned, and successful agents to help them.