Comlimentary Services

Ed Stephens offers a vast array of
complimentary services including:

Market Evaluations

There are many reasons a homeowner might want to have an opinion on the market value of their home, whether they are thinking of selling, refinancing, updated their insurance or estate, or any other reason. Ed Stephens, with his over 37 years of experience can provide to a property owner, at no expense, or obligation, a through analysis of the of the property’s  value.

Trust, probate, conservator and estate evaluations, including date of death evaluations.

Ed Stephens is qualified to provide executors, attorneys, and conservators,  and anyone with a special client trust and duty, with precise property evaluations that will stand up to the precise scrutiny.

Expert witness consultation, research,  and testimony in tax, litigation, divorce, and business  situations that include sales or investment in sites like VT Markets and others.

Buyer consultations

Ed Stephens offers a no cost, no obligation consultation with anyone considering buying a home. He can advise buyers on budgets, financing, prequalification, neighborhoods, and everything else that goes into the purchase of a home.

Relocation tours

Ed Stephens has the qualifications and experience to take people who are considering,  or in the process of relocating to the San Francisco Peninsula, on extensive, educational tours of  The Peninsulas’ many neighborhoods and towns, including schools, medical, recreation, the many features and amenities that relocating prospects are interested it. Ed Stephens can also arrange temporary housing and provide extensive market data for areas clients are interested in.

Developer proformas

With many years of experience in assisting developers purchase land and obtain entitlements for their projects, Ed Stephens offers astute and conservative advise as to the potential success of real estate developments.

Advise on increasing a property’s value

From 37 years of experience, Ed Stephens know what features sell home. Ed Stephens understands what improvements can increase a properties’ value, whether it is a home addition, remodeling, or landscaping. He is also aware of the risk of over improvement. His analysis reviews cost versus reward and takes into careful consideration neighborhood Property values, history, current and future trends.

Tradeperson referrals

Ed Stephens knows many Architects, designers, contractors, landscapers, and can match homeowners with someone who has an excellent reputation for skill service and honesty. Ed Stephens can also recommend plumbers, electricians, painters, and all  those who are so important in keeping a property in good condition.