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We love our clients and will do anything in our power to have our clients love us. Client satisfaction is the best way to judge the skill and success of a real estate agent. Below are a few of the many testimonials we have received over the years. Ed Stephens has earned these accolades by providing clients with the level of service that develops relationships and commitment.




Heartfelt gratitude


Hello Ed,


We have a tough time to put our feelings and gratitude to you in words. After looking for a condo last 20 years (very actively from 2008), finally we accomplished that last week because of your counsel, advice and perseverance.We have been working with you last 5 years, not a single agent would stick with us that long. You are the only one who understood our needs and also the difficulties in buying a condo in California coming from Michigan.We never met a person like you who has so much patience. When we almost gave up our hopes, you are the one who counsel us that right time and opportunity will come so we have to wait. And the opportunity finally came and we took advantage of it two weeks ago. We can honestly tell you that nobody would have been with us for that long time. You have the tenacity to make great things happen, specially for us. We salute you for all the things you have done for us. We are very happy in buying the condo in Menlo Park.


After we made the offer, we thought everything was going well, however we learned that it was falling apart at the last moment. In order to make the deal go through, you personally contributed significant amount of money from your commission . No other agent would do that with that kind of sacrifice.


Subi and Alaka Dinda



December 2nd, 2017

We highly recommend Ed Stephens for his experience and client service. Thanks to Ed's help, we were able to find a great house that perfectly fit our family after searching for 9 months. In addition, because we were first-time home buyers, Ed helped us obtain inspections and reports that made us comfortable with the purchase, and provided bids so we knew how much our upgrades would cost. Unlike many other realtors, Ed only works with one client at a time for a given price range and neighborhood, which speaks highly of his commitment to his clients in avoiding conflicts of interest.

Jason and Lesley

October 12th, 2017

We were searching for a home in a very desirable area of Hillsborough, close to our parents. We had looked at everything on the MLS. When nothing worked out we called Ed Stephens and he reached out to every homeowner in the area we were looking, whose home might meet our needs and be in our price range. He immediately came up with several off market properties, one which met our every need which we purchased. If you are a buyer or seller and want to work with an agent who tirelessly perseveres and listens carefully to a buyer's needs, we recommend Ed Stephens.

Tina Hwang and Calvin Hwang

September 8th, 2017

Dear Ed,

thank you Ed.....thank you for your expertise, thank you for your keen insight into personalities and working it through, thank you for your dedication as we moved through the inspections, sewer stuff, pathways and alarms !! Thank you for your excellent communications....along with Charlene you kept me posted on all matters. Thank you for your many years in this profession which was evident as your guided us on sq footage, earthquake bolting and so many matters....

I say thank you, thank you and thank you again !!












April 13, 2015

Dear Ed,

We had a great experience purchasing our new home with you. As younger buyers, we were able on our own, to easily find and evaluate a large amount of data about the local market, but your additional insight into purchasing strategy and extensive connections within the community were extremely valuable. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.







Dear Ed,


Thank you so very much for selling the house at 220 Roblar Avenue for us. We particularly appreciate all the special efforts and extra touches you made to the house, the yard, and the lawn during the pre marketing. Your advice and persistence were extremely valuable to us and we shall not hesitate to recommend you in the future.


David Bell, MD



Jean Allan

132 Vicksburg Street

San Francisco, CA 94114


August 4, 2010

Ed Stephens 1412 Chapin Avenue Burlingame, CA 94010

Re: 2800 Rivera Drive, Burlingame

Dear Ed,

While none of us had met you before, we chose to include you among the three agents that we initially interviewed because we associated your name with many years of real estate experience on the Peninsula. In that sense, your reputation preceded you; however, it was upon personally meeting you, and then working with you as the listing agent, that we really came to appreciate how all of those years of experience translated into a very smooth and successful real estate transaction.

You had an immediate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the house itself, and could envision and articulate which improvements we might consider making in order to maximize the home’s appeal to prospective buyers.

You had the vendors and resources available to get the improvements done in a timely and cost efficient manner. Those included minor repairs, wallpaper removal and painting, cleaning and staging. The staging in particular was especially impressive; it wasn’t overdone and yet it transformed the house. All of those tasks were taken care of with virtually no involvement required on our part, and your time estimate of approximately one month to complete the tasks was accurate.

We are ever so grateful for you sage services, and would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for an agent in the area.

Burlingame Home Seller signature

Ed Stephens helped our family buy our new home, and sell our previous house. During our purchase, Ed helped us navigate complex negotiations successfully. Then he marketed and sold our other house quickly and at a good value, during a tough time. We relied on him a lot for these important transactions, and Ed’s experience made them both successful and less stressful.


Sharon Wienbar, Managing Director

Scale Venture Partners