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Inspiring Imagination and Creating Desire


If there is only one chance to tell a story, that story must inspire imagination, magic. Excitement. Telling the story begins with a homes’ presentation. When marketing a home or condominium for sale, Ed Stephens makes sure that the homes’ presentation is dazzling , awe-inspiring. Every little detail is looked into. An award winning interior designer first evaluates the home, and recommends what is needed to emphasize the homes’ best features. This can involve staging, or as Ed Stephens describes it, Styling. As if preparing for a photo layout in Architectural digest, new furniture from the best manufacturers, plus fine antiques may be brought in. Original art and quality accessories may also be displayed. Floors may be refinished. New hardwood floors, new carpeting, installed. New landscaping may be planted.Vistas opened up. Light let in. All with the goal of making the home and grounds more warm and inviting, of reaching those emotions that desire comfort and luxury, and security.


The next goal is to get the information on the property out to the largest numbers of prospects, in the best and most efficient way. Ed Stephens uses award winning photographers, web designers, and graphic artists to prepare his marketing packages. Custom designed Websites and Virtual tours are produced, and linked to several multiple listing services and search engines such as, Google and Yahoo. Custom designed print and electronic brochures are produced and mailed and emailed to thousands of prospects and top real estate agents throughout the world. Custom designed advertising is placed in such renown publications as the San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, and Gentry Magazine.


With every home marketed there is a grand opening, an event that may include an art exhibit, Music recital, or specially prepared food from an award winning Chef. Custom invitations are sent by mail and email to top realtors, and the contact list Ed Stephens has compiled over his 34 years in the real estate industry. Several of Ed Stephens’ listings have been designer show houses, several have been featured in noted architectural publications.


With developers, Ed Stephens can provide a thorough analysis of the marketplace, and assist the developers in building the right product for the market. With his extensive knowledge of architecture and design, Ed Stephens can advise on site planning, floor plans, and exterior elevations. Beautiful renderings, scale models, and neighborhood meetings help facilitate a projects approval.


With a successful Real Estate career for over 37 years, Ed Stephens can proudly proclaim himself a Master Marketer, and looks forward to each new marketing challenge with the same enthusiasm as when he first started. All marketing inquiries are greatly appreciated

Master Marketing


According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of all buyers begin their home search online, and over half of all sellers go

online to research market conditions, the value of their homes, and to select a listing agent. Ed Stephens custom marketing programs are

designed to not only provide thorough and up to date information on properties for sale, but to also provide an extensive description

of Peninsula communities, plus all the services, resources, and data that both buyers and sellers need to make informed and confident decisions.


Multple Listing Services


One of Ed Stephens greatest marketing tools is the numerous multiple listing services he subscribes to.

When you list your home with Ed Stephens, your home will be listed on numerous multiple listing services, reaching millions of potential buyers, locally, nationally and  internationally. Click on the logos below to see some of the many multiple listing services your property will be advertised on. Your home will also  appear on the websites of all major Real Estate companies including Coldwell Banker, Sothebys, Alain Pinel, Mcguire and many others. When listing with Ed Stephens you can be sure that your home is receiving the broadest marketing exposure possible, increasing the probability of you home selling for the highest price within the shortest period. is the dominant multiple listing service worldwide.

This is how your will be received by real estate agents throughout the world

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Click on the logos below to see where listings of Ed Stephens are displayed features properties listed on 20 Multiple Listing Services in Northern and Southern California. This cutting-edge website gives consumers a property search function, which allows them to find your home searching by city, zip code, MLS number or by property type.

Award winning is one of the industry’s leading websites with more than 1.2 million potential buyers among its visitors each month. The site features an easy-to-use search function that ensures interested consumers will find your property, and it provides direct links to where consumers can find more detail on your home.

This Previews-dedicated website allows consumers to view an estimated 10,000 luxury homes from communities throughout the United States and across the globe. Furthermore, gives your home increased presence through a dynamic slide show feature that enables a large display of vivid photos, bringing your home’s rich character to life for thousands of potential buyers.

MLSListings, Inc. is the premier multiple listing service (MLS) for real estate listings in northern California, representing the REALTOR® associations of Central Valley, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, San Mateo, Monterey, Pajaro Valley, and San Benito. Currently, the not-for-profit MLSListings represents more than 16,000 MLS subscribers, in approximately 6,000 firms, in an area covering 28,000 square miles. MLSListings facilitates more than $70 billion in annual real estate transactions, and maintains a free, public real estate search for homes for sale at®

Our alliance with, the country’s most visited real estate website, ensures all of our homes are “enhanced listings.” Studies show that online home buyers are 299% more likely to view homes with multiple photos. At Coldwell Banker, our listings on feature six photos as well as detailed property information to capture online home buyers’ attention and gain maximum exposure for your home.
 delivers the audience needed to connect with qualified buyers. Through our exclusive partnership with, we can position your property on’s Real Estate section, which accounts for more than 1.3 million unique visitors monthly. Furthermore, with over 36 million page views, the Real Estate section is among the most popular and engaging areas of – the largest newspaper website in the world.
 delivers the audience needed to connect with qualified buyers. Through our exclusive partnership with, we can position your property on’s Real Estate section, which accounts for more than 1.3 million unique visitors monthly. Furthermore, with over 36 million page views, the Real Estate section is among the most popular and engaging areas of – the largest newspaper website in the world.

With your permission, we will schedule an open house to market your home. Open homes are a powerful way to reach a unique segment of potential buyers. To ensure your open home gains maximum exposure, we’ll post your home on, a website devoted solely to helping home buyers find open houses online.

Trulia has more than two million visitors a month, and their audience has been growing by double digits month-over-month for the past year. The reason for Trulia’s popularity is its easy to use Web 2.0 map-based search interface that provides high-level property information and links to property detail pages.


Yahoo! Real Estate

Your property will appear in the Yahoo! Real Estate classified listings. Yahoo! ranks as the world’s No.1 most visited Web portal and Yahoo! Real Estate is the second most highly trafficked real estate website.** That means added exposure for your home at one of the largest and fastest growing real estate sites in the industry.

One of the most-visited real estate websites, was the only Internet company named by Advertising Age Magazine to its “Marketing 50” list of the most powerful consumer brands.’s online real estate community allows homeowners, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents and professionals to find and share vital information about homes. By having your home listing appear at, you’re reaching an important audience.

All properties over $500,000 will be distributed to, the leading provider of business and financial news and analysis on the Web, with over 17 million monthly unique visitors.

 connects home buyers and sellers to the most trusted sources for local real estate—the real estate section of newspaper websites. offers a network of more than 140 online newspaper real estate sites and has more than 3 million property listings nationwide. By reaching the online readers of newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune, your home’s presence is greatly expanded.

Your listing will be advertised on the new HGTV site, For years, shows like Designed to Sell and House Hunters have inspired millions of home buyers and sellers. HGTV has always been there with helpful advice for turning a “house” into a “home” and increasing its value. Now, helps buyers find a place they can truly call home. With an abundance of listings (1.3 million and counting), all the facts and figures you could ever want, and a great suite of calculators and tools to help you crunch the numbers, brings the home finding process “full circle.”

Thanks to our affiliation with AOL, Coldwell Banker listings now appear on AOL in the Real Estate section. AOL Real Estate is one of the Top 10 most visited national real estate sites on the Internet. Coldwell Banker listings are displayed with one photo, property descriptions, contact forms, links to property detail pages and Agent profiles.

 is a national real estate destination that many prospective buyers use to search for listings. All of our listings are featured on and include one property photo, a link back to the property detail page on and the name and contact information of your Sales Associate along with a link back to either your Sales Associate’s office profile or website home page–all designed to provide quick, convenient access to additional information on your property. is the website for Unique Homes, the magazine of luxury real estate. features the world’s most exceptional properties listed at $1 million or more and draws 92,000 unique visitors per month so when your property is featured on the site, it will be showcased to an important audience.

Our partnership with ensures that your property is featured on this international site which attracts more than 2 million visitors per month. is the leading property website in the upper and middle markets and lists over 650,000 properties, including 400,000 prime UK properties available for purchase, and more than 200,000 prime UK properties to rent. In addition, the website’s International section carries a selection of more than 100,000 overseas properties in more than 60 countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, Croatia and Bulgaria., the sister site of, publishes the details of more than 626,000 properties to buy or rent and attracts more than two million unique users and 80 million page impressions a month.

RobbReportCollection features an emporium of new and pre-owned autos, boats, aircraft and real estate, with an enticing mixture of editorial and sales listings. Robb Report enjoys one of the wealthiest consumer demographics of any publication in the U.S. or abroad and syndicated research companies have measured Robb Report readers as the most affluent consumers of nearly all luxury products and services.








Ed Stephen's extensive knowledge and relocation network provides sellers with further marketing exposure.

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International Marketing


Platform that syndicates US listings to a global network of the leading property portals in key international markets

Bi-lingual (Chinese/English) real estate hosting site

Touted as the easiest, most efficient and most cost-effective way to tap into the Chinese market to increase advertising and impress clients with advertising

Aggressively market property to Chinese investors and to Chinese search engines using dedicated marketing team in Asia

Also optimized for US search engines as well




Ed Stephens' Website is the second search result on China's Bing search engine when searching on "Hillsborough ca real estate listings"



Ed Stephens' Website is the first search result on China's Baidu search engine when searching on "Hillsborough real estate listings"





Custom Brochures and Postcards


When you list your home with Ed Stephens, your home will  be professionally photographed, and elegantly presented in a custom color brochure, and post card.


Front of Brochure



Inside of Brochure



Back of Brochure










Custom Postcards









Ed Stephens sends custom e-flyers to over 6,800 real estate agents from Los Gatos to Marin.



Ed Stephen's Virtual Tours are compatable


with iphones and ipads




Custom Property Websites (virtual Tours):


Ed Stephens produces custom virtual tours and websites.


(click images to Visit Websites)





Search Engine Optimization


Ed Stephens' websites often appear on the first page of Google and other prominent search engines.

Please read below.

Click on the logos below to see where listings of Ed Stephens are displayed

Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.

Yahoo search was as of December 2009, the 2nd largest search engine on the web by query volume, at 6.42%, after its competitor Google at 85.35%.

Bing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions.

AOL offers today's news, sports, stock quotes, weather, movie reviews, TV and much more.
 is the #1 question answering service that delivers the best answers from the web and real people - all in one place.

Excite is the leading personalization Web portal, featuring world-class search, content and functionality. From financial portfolios to sports scores, local weather and much more. makes searching the Web easy, because it has all the best search engines piled into one. Go Fetch!

Lycos is your source for all the Web has to offer -- search, free online games, e-mail, free blogs & websites, videos & movies, news, weather and more.

The search engine that helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web.




Examples of the first page of

Ed Stephen's listings and websites are outlined in red.


Two results on the first page of Google when you search on "Hillsborough, CA" There are approximately 18,100 local searches on "Hillsborough, CA" per month.



One results on the first page of Google when you search on "Hillsborough homes for sale" There are approximately 5,400 global searches on "Hillsborough homes for sale" per month.


hillsborough homes for sale


Two results on the first page of Google when you search on "Burlingame real estate" There are approximately 1,900 local searches on "Burlingame real estate" per month.


burlingame real estate


Two results on the first page of Google when you search on "new Hillsborough Ca listings".


new hillsborough real estate listings


Seven results on the first page of Google when you search on "new luxury Burlingame condos".


new luxury burlingame condos


One result on the first page of Google when you search on "New Hillsborough Homes".



Two results on the first page of Google when you search on "New Burlingame Homes".


new burlingame homes


Social Media Websites


Social networking is the latest marketing tool used by Ed Stephens. Click on the icons below to see Ed Stephens listings.

Social media








Renderings and Artwork





Newspaper, Magazine and Media Promotion


When you list with Ed Stephens your home will receive exceptional media coverage with both newspaper and magazine advertising. Some listings will also receive editorial coverage in real estate and design publications.










Homes & Estates Magazine

Coldwell Banker Previews International has made its name by providing exceptional marketing services for the sale of exceptional

real estate, and one of its most valuable components is Homes & Estates magazine. By showcasing the world’s most exquisite villas, chateaus and manor homes on the market, Homes & Estates has become one of the most widely read magazines of its kind. In addition to being a stand-alone magazine, Homes & Estates also has an enhanced partnership with Unique Homes, the premier magazine in international luxury real estate for nearly 40 years. Each issue of Homes & Estates also appears in a special section within the full international run of Unique Homes magazine. That means exposure in two high-end real estate publications. The print and digital

editions combined reach a global audience of nearly three quarters of a million affluent individuals in more than 80 countries. Homes & Estates and the Homes & Estates section in Unique Homes.... taking Coldwell Banker Previews International to a luxury audience worldwide.







San Mateo Homes for sale in Homes and Land






Staging is one of the most important steps in getting a home ready for the market. Sometimes the home needs a facelift such as new paint, new carpet, new landscaping etc. My team will handle all of that for you as it can be a stressfull to deal with all the different vendors and sub contractors.


649 Homer Ave in Palo Alto

Living Room Before

Bedroom Before


Living Room After

Bedroom After



111 East Poplar Ave # 211 in San Mateo

Living Room Before

Master Bedroom Before


Living Room After

Master Bedroom After



2122 Coronet Blvd in Belmont


Living Room Before

Master Bedroom Before


Living Room After

Master Bedroom After

2800 Rivera Dr in Burlingame


Living Room Before

Master Bedroom Before


Living Room Before

Master Bedroom Before





With Ed Stephens, every marketing program begins with an event, whether a simple catered lunch or an elaborately orchestrated reception. Every listing of Ed Stephens is presented in a manner that reflects the value and uniqueness of the property being offered.




Please contact Ed Stephens directly with any questions regarding his real estate marketing programs.